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Hurricane Florence

NOTICE: Based on the threat of Hurricane Florence, CNA is sending the following communication to all customers with active property, auto and general liability coverage in this storm’s path. Florence is expected to make landfall later this week, and will present extreme weather conditions, including strong winds, storm surge, torrential rains and widespread flooding. It is important to remember that preparation and planning before, during and after the storm are critical to restoring business operations.

Please be advised that some of your customers may receive this email later today. We encourage you to share these storm preparation resources with your colleagues and customer contacts. For questions or additional information, please contact your local Branch Manager or Risk Control Director.
Prepare for Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall on the East Coast of the United States later this week. Forecasters are predicting that wind damage, coastal storm surge and inland flooding from torrential rain could be severe.
As Florence tracks towards the United States, be sure to follow these 6 steps found in our Hurricane Preparation Guide:
  1. Organize the details of your businesses operations.
  2. Identify and address vulnerabilities.
  3. Create a facility and equipment checklist.
  4. Address budget implications.
  5. Identify communications protocols.
  6. Activate your business continuity plans.
Preparing for incidents like Hurricane Florence can help safeguard your physical assets, as well as reduce the probability of a serious interruption to business operations.
Stay up-to-date on Florence’s path and projections with the National Hurricane Center.
Recover After Hurricane Florence
Immediately following Florence, once local authorities have confirmed that it is safe to return to your business:
  • Report downed power lines, flooded roads, damaged water mains and damaged electrical equipment.
  • Check for gas leaks.
  • Do not drink tap water until authorities confirm that it is safe to do so.
As you return to normal business operations:
  • Communicate with your employees, customers and business partners to provide reassurance and plans for business to return to normal. Understand that they may also be dealing with their own losses.
  • Ensure that the site is inspected thoroughly before anyone returns to work — this will protect your employees and prevent future loss.
  • Use qualified professionals and have electrical, water and HVAC systems inspected, take precautions in areas where pipes may have leaked, and verify that the atmosphere is safe, replacing filters as needed.
  • Schedule an inspection of elevators and life safety systems to ensure they are functional.
Report a Claim
Need to report a claim? We're standing by. Our claim service professionals are here to support you. To report a claim, visit or call 877-CNA-ASAP (877-262-2727).
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