Don't let a cyberattack spook you!


According to USA Today, almost two-thirds of all cyberattacks are now directed at small businesses, costing them between $84,000 and $148,000. 


Cyberattacks are scary business. Make sure your clients are covered.

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If your clients store data on computers, use email or generate revenue online, they are at risk for a cyberattack. CNA’s Data Breach coverage is affordable for even the smallest businesses. For example, here’s a sample breakdown of coverage for a small law firm with three lawyers and $150k of revenue:

  • $250k of coverage for Data Breach is $211.
  • $500k of coverage for Data Breach is $350.
  • $1m of coverage for Data Breach is $552.

Your clients can’t afford not to be covered.




CNA’s Data Breach endorsement can be added to a CNA Connect® Businessowners policy and provides critical coverage for any business that collects private information, such as Social Security numbers, Healthcare Payer ID numbers or credit/debit card numbers. Even basic information such as email addresses can be used by hackers to compromise the data and financial security of business owners, their customers and their employees.

Do you have Technology customers? We also offer a Technology Errors & Omissions endorsement, along with Network Security and Privacy Injury coverage, just for them. This can be added to the CNA Connect® policy.

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